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Three Letters from LiverpoolA TIP kindly provided by London researcher Janet Freeman inspired an enquiry to the Liverpool Record Office’s Roscoe collection. The happy result was finding three letters from Capt. William Wood, the father of diarist J. C. Wood of Marche Hall, addressed to William Roscoe (1753–1831) of Liverpool.

An historian, writer and parliamentarian, Roscoe actively denounced the African slave trade upon which so much of Liverpool’s wealth was sustained.

While the full text of the letters is yet to be received, the brief summaries indicate that Capt. Wood was discussing politics with Roscoe, as well as wishing to introduce a ‘young friend’ who wrote poetry (1812). This would have been none other than his son’s close friend, John F.M. Dovaston (1782-1854) of West Felton near Oswestry.

The letters will provide further facets to the intriguing slice of Salopian life depicted in A Shropshire Squire. No doubt there are many more letters of Capt. W. Wood and his son John Clavering Wood in library collections elsewhere… How wonderful it would be to discover them!!!

Read the Roscoe family story here.


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