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Booka Launch LineupMORE photos have come to light which show what a colourful affair was the Launch of A Shropshire Squire at Booka Bookshop in June. You’ll remember from the earlier report that it was a truly co-operative effort from a great team (some of whom are pictured above), which included Mrs Lyn O’Connor, her daughter Kirsten Nicholas, Irene Milhench, Derrick & Gwyneth Winter, Jessie Hanson and Patricia Mabe.

Needless to say, the scene was set by the superlative ambience of Carrie and Tim’s Booka Bookshop in Oswestry.

Launch ContributorAs with any history book, publication doesn’t stop more facts coming to light, such as the identity of Mr Houlbrooke (mentioned in the Diary for 1818) or the Liverpool anti-slavery connections of the diarist’s father Capt Wood. In fact, an eagle-eyed researcher named Julie from Bundaberg in Queensland has turned up a particularly detailed newspaper advertisement listing the Marsh Estate for sale in 1834! More about that in a future posting. Meanwhile thanks to Carrie @ Booka for these first-rate photos of the launch.


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