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Booksigning at New FarmLAST Saturday morning’s book-signing at New Farm Editions in Merthyr Village brought lots of interesting conversations, particularly with people who love books and good stories, and are intrigued with the publication process.

On hand to assist Gerard were his mother Vivienne Benjamin and his middle sister Leonie McEniery. All the way from Ballarat (though not just for this event) was Sandra. She and her mother Aline were interested in Ethel Monk, grand-daughter of the novelist JCW. An enlarged family tree came in handy in order to plot the connections.

Tom Hurstbourne at New FarmJohn Clavering Wood's descendants celebrate his bookFamily meet-up at booksigning
Local New Farm resident Tamsin O’Connor, having grown up on the edge of Shropshire, obliged listeners with an ‘accent sampling’ of how both John Clavering Woods may have sounded.

Almost all who lingered to chat at this busy spot in Merthyr Village, knew about or had read Reflections on New Farm, but had not necessarily connected it with the editor of Tom Hurstbourne and A Shropshire Squire.

Many thanks to Chris Derrick for taking superb photos on the day.High traffic area for New Farm booksigning


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Come to the booksigning at New Farm EditionsTHERE’S been a long-standing request for Gerard to sign books at New Farm Editions at Merthyr Village, and at last it’s happening.

On Saturday, 25 June during 10am to noon, feel free to come along and meet Gerard Benjamin who will be delighted to show you his forebear’s magnum opus, Tom Hurstbourne or A Squatter’s Life (1865), only the second novel written in Queensland.

Booksigning in New Farm

You’ll also enjoy making the acquaintance of New Farm Editions (3254 2122), a shop reputed for its tastefully eclectic display of giftware including quality books.

Perhaps you have a book idea of your own that you’d like to talk about. Come and have a chat with Gerard. As for coffee and meal possibilities at Merthyr Village, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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