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IT SEEMS as if every day, delighted author Nanette Lilley, can report yet more accolades for her recently-published book, Welcome to Laurel Avenue, about Chelmer’s most famous street.

115 Laurel Ave 1Here’s a sample from ML which really says it all…

What a delight and triumph this book about my old street is! Congratulations! It is certainly amazing and brought back so many memories.

The old photos that JB gave you are terrific. She and I played together all the time when we were little. I knew her house nearly as well as I knew my own. Some nights I still dream I am back in our house or hers, and they are such happy dreams always.

It was also great to learn so much about our house and its previous owners. It will always be a part of me. The same with the camphor laurels in the street which we used to climb and play in so often.

Your book brought all that back to me. Thank you so much for making our street seem so important. I loved living there and now your book has made it so special. What an accomplishment!

Meanwhile, selected photos from the launch are here, courtesy of Brisbane News.


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