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CONGRATULATIONS to Brisbane music teacher Andrew Bryce on the publication of his second novel for primary school aged children.

Mr Black is sure to find an audience among young readers keen to get to the bottom of this ghostly figure (or is he real?) who terrifies students at Merryvale College when he prowls the corridors, scraping his metal ruler against the lockers… Luckily, one student named Eve is determined to solve this mystery!

In 2016 Andrew Bryce published Alexandra, aimed at the same age group. A third novel is on the drawing board and due for release in 2018.

Copies may be ordered by emailing Andrew on brycle@optusnet.com.au.

“I am very pleased with the way Mr Black looks, inside and outside,” said the author.


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Green Gables ca 1970s, one of the 1930s apartment blocks in the quaint Julius Street enclave.

THE free app for smartphones called WunderWalk has recently enjoyed an exciting makeover, enabling users to access special walks around Brisbane.

These itineraries include several which have been created by some of the city’s leading artists and designers.

The developer of Wunderwalk, Kat McArthur, asked Gerard to prepare a six-stop amble around New Farm taking in historical sites.

The walk starts at the Brunswick Hotel, takes in the panorama of Wilson’s Outlook, and offers a look at Julius Street’s unique collection of 1930s apartment blocks. Next, the trail visits Holy Spirit Church, Merthyr Road Village, and ends in New Farm Park.

The app supplies plenty of information as you do the walking.



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TAA 194-Filtered-G.jpg
PATRICIA MERLEHAN’S book entitled TAA to Wings Away was launched on 1 December on the Sunshine Coast.

“I love the book. It’s a terrific memory for the ladies who have been part of Wings Away for decades,” said one attendee.

WingsAway-Launch-Dec2016-4-GThe book marks 50 years of the association of former TAA Hostesses named Wings Away. Not only has Wings Away been a remarkable social forum, but it has also provided significant funds for handicapped children in Australia.

Having been both President and Secretary of the Queensland Branch, Tric gradually became Wings Away’s unofficial historian/archivist.

Gerard assisted with editing and book design. This well-illustrated book may be ordered from the author, by emailing: patriciamerlehan-at-bigpond.com.

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Homes-with-History-FrontCover-19Feb2015-smallIF you’ve wondered about the history behind the houses as you’ve walked the streets of New Farm, Teneriffe or Newstead, you’re likely to enjoy the new book from the New Farm and Districts Historical Society, Homes with History – on the New Farm Peninsula. To be launched on Saturday 28 February, the book focuses on 20 homes in New Farm and environs, and has been written by Gerard Benjamin, co-author of the popular Reflections on New Farm.

Many are aware that the New Farm locality was once a semi-rural retreat for a few well-heeled families on well-chosen sites. Gradually, the large estates gave way to gentlemen’s villas and workers’ cottages. “Many of those original homes—whether modest or grand—have not survived, but luckily, an impressive variety of houses from earlier eras still remains,” said Gerard. “This book pays less attention to architecture and more to people.”

“In fact, it is really all about people—those who built the houses, the architects they employed, and the successive families who lived in them,” he said. Homes with History is likely to have appeal beyond the peninsula.

As two readers from Morningside explained, “If someone picked up the book who didn’t have an affinity with New Farm, they’d end up having a feeling for the place, and a good idea of how it developed. There’s lots of information, and there are many things we learnt.”


Roseville in Chester Street Teneriffe is one of the houses featured in “Homes with History”.

The 160-page softback book features colour images, and is available from the Historical Society (phone 0409 498 402), and from the Mary Ryan bookshop and New Farm Editions in Merthyr Village for $35. You may be interested in purchasing a numbered limited-edition hard cover version for just $59.50. Please contact the Historical Society for information about postage and handling costs.

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GLORIA was in seventh heaven at Boolarong Press’ Salisbury office yesterday, surrounded by softbacks and hardbacks of the freshly printed Tom Hurstbourne.

Bookophiles claim that authors’ (in our case, editors’) signatures add value to the tome, so signing a carton was a sure way of enhancing Tom Hurstbourne’s cultural worth for generations to come.

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